6 May 2023

Do You Have Dating Anxiety? Here’s How You Can Manage It

Anxiety in our times is pretty common, but for some people it can be debilitating. It can stop them from doing things they need and even want to do! Dating anxiety can prevent people from meeting others who could be potential life partners.

If you have dating anxiety, you know it can be very difficult to find a mate without going on dates. How do you know if this is what your problem is?

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dating anxiety symptoms

Check out these dating anxiety symptoms:

  • You constantly worry about doing something embarrassing.
  • You worry about offending the person you’re on a date with
  • You worry they will not like you (even if you’re not sure if you like them or not!)
  • You worry about everything you say
    You cancel dates because you’re stressed about them
  • You make excuses not to go out with someone, even if you like them
  • You try to tell yourself that you don’t need to go on dates because you’re happy being single

Do any of those sound familiar? If you have these dating anxiety symptoms, don’t worry – there is a solution!
If you are pretty sure you have anxiety about dating and want to learn how to get over dating anxiety, try these tips.

#1 Set your boundaries

Setting boundaries is hard. Following them is even harder. Start by setting some boundaries in your everyday life. Perhaps you could start at work. Try setting a boundary like, “I will not work past this time.” At some point, you’ll need to hold to that boundary. The more you set and follow your own boundaries in your everyday life, the easier it will be to do when you are going out with someone and you’ll have less dating anxiety.

#2 Reduce the fear of judgement

If you want to learn how to get over dating anxiety, you have to be less fearful of being judged. The first step to that is to stop judging yourself. Instead of being upset that you didn’t meet a goal or said something silly in public, remind yourself that you can keep working on the goal or you can laugh off what you said. The less you judge yourself, the less afraid you will be of others’ judgement of you and the less dating anxiety you will experience.
#3 Practice meeting new people

If you have dating anxiety, you might just need to get more comfortable meeting new people. Instead of pushing yourself into the dating world, get some more experience meeting new people on your own. Go to an event or join a sports team without friends to make you feel comfortable. Get comfortable feeling uncomfortable! The more you create situations where you have to meet new people on your own, the fewer symptoms of dating anxiety you will experience!

Dating anxiety is normal to a degree. But it’s not good if it prevents you from dating at all. You might meet the love of your life without dating, but if you go out on dates with people, you’re much more likely to find a compatible life partner!

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